Why 2023 is the year for Experience Gifts

Why 2023 is the year for Experience Gifts

Experience gifts, also known as "gift of time" or "gift of memories," are a unique and thoughtful alternative to traditional material gifts.  Instead of giving a physical item, you give someone an experience that they can enjoy and remember for years to come.  

Experience gifts can range from adventure activities like skiing or rock climbing, to cultural experiences like art classes or music lessons.  The options are endless!

In 2018 we started really focusing on experience gifts for our kids for a few reasons.  1. To help me deal with my anxiety of getting out in public with toddler triplets.  2. To help me be more intentional with the ideas I had to have fun with my kids.  3. To help us financially during the holidays.  Also, it was a great way to incorporate trying things our kids had interests in that we wouldn't probably do on a normal day. 

Over the years, experience gifts have benefitted our family with created core memories and helping us keep clutter and excess consumption at bay. 

I love to share ideas we have personally done  and can not recommend this concept enough

No matter how you choose to give an experience gift, it's important to consider the recipient's interests and references, as well as your budget. A little planning can go a long way in making memorable and meaningful gift. 

I hope this serves as inspiration and ideas for giving experience gifts. 


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