5 Ways I Use My Personal Fan

5 Ways I Use My Personal Fan

I can't get enough of making these fans!  Ya'll loved the floral summer prints, so I had to do some with a fall vibe.  


I love finding new ways to manage my anxiety and always want to share anything that I learn with you.  My favorite part is I don't have to charge these!

Ways the hand fans are useful:


Standing in the airport lines is where it all started!


Because it's too pretty to sit on the sidelines!


I love meeting friends on the patio! From air movement to flying insects, I just don't leave home without my fan anymore!


We live in a college town and SEC on a Saturday is a real thing.  From tailgating to 11:00 game times, my fan is my greatest super power!


Every fan is hand crafted and I take such pride in the details.  I can't wait to see where you take your fan.  

I recently visiting the Crystal Bridges Listening Forest.  It was a cool dark night but there were moments that I could feel my social anxiety creeping up.  My fan was the perfect self-managing tool I needed to really enjoy this outing.  

If you are in NWA this Fall I highly recommend you check out this exhibit!



                                                                                        XO, Kristal

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