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Stars Aligned

In skies of azure, a tale unfurls, Where sun and moon, in cosmic swirls, Entwine in dance, in rare eclipse, A spectacle of celestial lips.

In twenty twenty-four, the world awaits, As darkness veils the daytime gates, Across the lands, a shadow's caress, As nature dons her darkened dress.

The sun, once ruler of the day, Now yields its throne, in graceful way, To lunar might, in silent glide, As shadows play, the world beside.

From coast to coast, a whispered awe, As daylight dims, in cosmic jaw, A hush descends, a stillness reigns, In hearts aglow, with lunar chains.

Eclipsed, but not in fear or dread, For in this moment, souls are led, To marvel at the grand design, Where earth and sky in union twine.

Through fleeting seconds, darkness wanes, As sun reclaims its bright domains, Yet memories linger, in hearts' recall, Of the total eclipse, enchanting all.

In the year of twenty twenty-four, When sun and moon align once more, We'll cherish tales of skies so deep, And dream until the next eclipse does creep.


As a mom with school aged kids I really wanted to use the Total Eclipse 2024 as a teachable moment.  To accompany our eclipse glasses and road trip snacks I thought it would be fun to gift my kids with a star named after them.  There are several sites that do this, for a fee.  I found a great site that will do this for free (including coordinates and star directory)

Staracle includes a downloadable certificate for the recipient.  I wanted a slightly different design for my gifts so I'm also sharing an edible template, free for you. Simply plug in your info from your star on Staracle, print as desired.

Let me know what you name your star! Enjoy!

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