December Experience Gift Idea

December Experience Gift Idea

This month leading up to Christmas I took the opportunity to plan a few experiences to add to our December memories.  

I found a place locally that would be having a Grinch Meet and Greet.  I was working on our Advent countdown calendar at the time.  The day the meet and greet was planned, I made sure our advent correlated with this meet and greet. 

I found the cutest Grinch bow ties (3 pack!) at Walmart.  I wrote a simple card "Grinch meet and greet today!" to fill our Advent box for that day. 


This was an easy way for me to carve out some time to make a memory we would have wanted to do anyway but without the forethought to plan it out wouldn't have happened. 


The Meet and Greet was a little bit geared to younger kids.  There was a bounce house and a jenga  tower competition that the boys got into!  At the end of the day, they thanked me for taking them and we had a good time!  

TIP:  check your local city's calendar of events for things going on each month that you wouldn't normally do and create an experience gift around it

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